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Spiky Dread: Issue One (CD)


Format: CD Album
Number of discs: 1
Release date: 17 December 2012

14 tracks of punky reggae and post-punk dub handpicked by Wrongtom & Ed Zed featuring liner notes by Ed and the legendary punk professor Vivien Goldman.

Only 1000 copies of the CD, never to be repressed and not available to download, so grab yourself a little piece of skanky history while you still can.

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Track Listing

1. The Offs - Cool Down
2. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee (Version)
3. Family Fodder - Bass Adds Bass
4. Chantage - Same Thing Twice
5. Ruts DC - Pleasures Of The Dance
6. Jah Scouse – Merge
7. Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Trapper Aint Got A Bird
8. Return Of The Panthers - Calling Captain Nemo
9. Sir Horatio – Sommadub
10. Red Beat - More Or Less Cut
11. Dangerous Girls - Dangerous Girls
12. Bad Brains - Stay Close To Me
13. The Slits - Animal Space
14. Electric Guitars – Work [CD ONLY]